This week, Holy Family Catholic School has been celebrating our Faith, Knowledge, Service, and Community! We have celebrated with dress up days, and spirit wear days, mismatched socks, pajamas, BINGO, collecting coins for donation, and more!

We love our school, and we hope we can show you throughout 2015 how much we appreciate this gift of Holy Family School!

As a class, the 5th graders donated $575 to purchase goods from Food for the Poor! The students worked in teams to count the money and make their selections from the organization’s online ordering site. The students decided to purchase the following:

  • Screen shot 2014-12-23 at 12.54.30 PM2 fruit trees
  • 2 goats
  • 20 chicks
  • 3 piglets for a family
  • 200 pounds of rice and beans
  • Feed a family for two months
  • Clothes for a child
  • Emergency medical supplies for 2 years
  • School supplies for a child for 1 year
  • Agricultural tools

Their discussions about how to spend the money focused on what would help families the most and for the longest time! I believe they made amazing choices and I couldn’t be more impressed by their giving spirit and compassion!