Pantry before and AfterAfter a very generous giving away (literally emptying) of our Saint Vincent DePaul Food Pantry along with our angel tree gifts at Christmas time our pantry has been bare. The first attached picture was from two nights ago:

The second picture shows again the awesome generosity of Holy Family School as our pantry is again ready.  Sara thanks for coordinating this again this year!  Please pass on our thanks to Holy Family School families!

God is good!!!

2015-A-Grade webINDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Department of Education released 2015 school accountability grades today.  The final grades were approved unanimously by the State Board of Education during the January 26 Board meeting.

A spreadsheet reflecting the final school grades as approved by the State Board of Education is attached.

In response to this release, Glenda Ritz, Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction, issued the following statement:

“After more than 18 months spent advocating to hold our schools and teachers harmless for the transition to more rigorous college and career ready standards and the results of a more rigorous ISTEP+ assessment, I am pleased to release 2015 school accountability grades that do not penalize schools and communities for this transition.  I want to thank Indiana’s students, educators, and families for their hard work and patience during this challenging school year.

“While I appreciate the work of the legislature to hold schools harmless for the results of last year’s ISTEP+ assessment, Indiana should move away from labeling Hoosier schools, and in turn Hoosier students, based on the results of a lengthy, pass/fail, high-stakes assessment.  I support accountability but I support accountability that makes sense.  I look forward to implementing Indiana’s new Student-Centered Accountability System which more accurately reflects the great work happening in our schools and communities every day.”


* For press that previously received embargoed data, please use the updated sheet which reflects changes made during today’s meeting.

For a simplified PDF file, see this file. We are on page 12!

11800135_1109543532394006_7516794559967148661_nWritten by Mrs. Liz Lobeck, 8th Grade Teacher, Junior High English/Literature Teacher

Before type I diabetes struck, life for Jarred Smith was what you might expect for any 10-year old boy: carefree days of riding bikes, playing sports for Holy Family school, and enjoying time outside with friends.  Although he still enjoys these activities, there are times (when his blood sugar level is off) that he has to sit on the sidelines.   For an active boy like Jarred, refraining from these activities is like taking away part of his spirit.

Jarred’s diabetes was diagnosed almost a year ago when he was rushed to the hospital with a sugar level of 1020 (a normal blood glucose  level is between 80-120).  That shockingly-high number was a sobering reality for Jarred and his family who learned that he could have lapsed into a coma or could even have died.  Over the past year, trying to keep a consistently healthy level has proven to be a daunting task.  Doctors have struggled to find the right combinations of carbs, proteins and insulin that would keep Jarred healthy and active.

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