15981339351_0351812845_zRecently, the 7th and 8th grade elective, P.O.O.F (Proud Of Our Faith), organized a school-wide letter writing drive.  In our elective we learn about real world problems and our Catholic response to them.  For this letter drive, we asked the school to write letters to soldiers.  The younger students drew pictures and the older students wrote nice letters.  Students in P.O.O.F went around at the end of the day and collected these letters.  We screened the letters and folded them.  At the beginning of this project, our goal was 450 letters.  I am proud to say we will be sending 500+ letters to Operation Gratitude in California before Christmas!  This organization will send our letters in care packages to current soldiers and veterans.  Here are some of the things P.O.O.F students had to say about the project:

“I was very excited to get to write letters to veterans and to think that we passed our goal by more than 50 is amazing!”  -Natalie B.

“It was fun to help veterans!”  -Luc K.

“I enjoyed making letters to bring a smile to a soldier’s face.”  – Nolan M.

“We could barely believe we got 500+ letters.  It made us feel good to know a soldier would be happy enjoying our letters.”  – Abby C.

More photos available at Flickr.com under Service Album.

Grade AHonoring our Veterans – At Holy Family, we took time out to recognize, honor and appreciate the countless sacrifices and contributions made by our Veterans and those currently serving in the many branches of service. Thanks to all who attended our Veterans program last Friday and to the students and staff who planned and prepared our program. May God continue to bless our Veterans and all who serve to bring peace and stability to our country and our world.

Our parish and school family was saddened by the sudden loss of Mr. Joe Weber, husband of 8th grade teacher, Kathy Weber. Joe is a parishioner, past parent and grandparent of Holy Family students and friend to many here at our parish and school. Joe died in his sleep as the family was out of town attending a wedding this past weekend. Joe’s funeral was held here at Holy Family on Thursday, and eighth graders and many staff members attended. Please keep Kathy and all the family in your prayers as they mourn the loss of their loved one.

Please read the information below and attachments as part 3 of 3 in my series of informational bulletins. I apologize for the delay, but because the State of Indiana extended an embargo on releasing the school A-F Accountability grades for several weeks, this information is arriving later than anticipated.p

  • Spring 2014 ISTEP+ results and 3-year averages. (COMING SHORTLY: An attached comparison between Holy Family, Archdiocesan schools and state of Indiana (all public and nonpublic combined) for 2012-2014.) We are very pleased with our high performance as compared with the State and Archdiocese. Congratulations to our students, teachers, staff and parents for this success! As it is, we continually work toward improvement, especially amid the changing standards. Parents, we look to you to support our efforts at home through supervising homework, reading with your children and providing a quality home environment, resources and co-curricular opportunities for your child.
  • A-F Accountability Grade – The State of Indiana evaluates individual schools based on their achievement levels and annual growth based on ISTEP+ and attendance rates; high schools have additional criteria. Since the program began, Holy Family has received an A grade, and we have received word that we have received and A again for 2014! Congratulations to all teachers, students, support staff and parents for your efforts to maintain high levels of performance in State assessments! While this is not the only measurement of our excellence, it is an important one. If you are interested in learning more about the A-F Accountability model, information can be found at www.doe.in.gov.

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