Mission & Vision of Holy Family

kindergarten classroom wall filled with learning tools


Holy Family Catholic School & Preschool serves three-year-old through eighth-grade children from Holy Family Parish of New Albany and the surrounding community. We welcome all families who desire faith formation, challenging academic programs, and quality enrichment activities for their children. In a Catholic faith-filled environment and through the loving guidance of faculty and staff, active parents, and supportive parishioners, we endeavor to help students excel in their academic preparation and their development of successful life skills.

kindergarten boy exploring garden with magnifying glass


Holy Family School develops inquiring minds, caring hearts, and lives devoted to Christ.

Holy Family School, with the support and involvement of parents and parish community, strives to provide for each student:

  • a strong academic and religious education
  • opportunities to develop unique gifts and abilities
  • a Christian environment which nurtures self-esteem, personal growth, and mutual respect
  • spiritual values rooted in the Catholic Faith

At Holy Family School, students build an educational foundation which enables them to make lifelong contributions to self, family, Church, and community.


To complete the mission of the Holy Family School, the Ministry Commission, Administration, Faculty, Staff and Parents, will collaborate to ensure these core values:

  • lifelong learning and sharing of faith
  • Catholic values through prayer, sacraments, and service
  • the growth of the total person
  • a nurturing environment which instills a genuine concern and respect for each individual
  • development of students’ self-esteem, personal discipline, and community responsibility
  • academic opportunities which provides students with the skills, resources, curriculum, and technology to embrace the challenges of the future