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Open Registrations

There are currently no open Athletics registrations at this time.

IHSAA Physicals

All students playing on any athletics team this year needs to have a physical completed by a physician. Your physician or an MD at a place that does physicals (Kroger, Walgreens, Care Centers, etc) must complete this form:

All physical forms must be turned in by the first day of practice or date decided by your coach.

About the Holy Family Athletic Ministry

Athletics is a division of the Youth Ministry of Holy Family Parish and Catalyst Catholic of the New Albany Deanery. We recognize the goodness of our youth and the presence of God in their lives. This ministry is available to the youth of our parish and Holy Family Catholic School.  We strive to provide and offer many opportunities for individual, physical, social and spiritual growth for our young people of the parish.

Our sports philosophy:

  1. Sports should be fun.
  2. Sports should develop ALL youth that participate.
  3. Sports should develop positive values in youth.
  4. Sports should allow youth to develop skills based on their God given talents.
  5. The safety of our youth is a top priority.
  6. Coaches and parents must model the values we want our youth to learn.
  7. Youth should have a variety of formative experiences in their lives, with sports being one of them.
  8. Sports in our league is a Catholic faith based experience.
  9. Winning has nothing to do with your win-loss record.
  • Volleyball – Girls – 3rd-8th Grade
  • Basketball – Boys and Girls – 3rd-8th Grade
  • Cheer (basketball) – Boys and Girls – 3rd-8th Grade
  • Soccer – Boys and Girls – 3rd-8th Grade
  • Track and Field – Boys and Girls – 3rd-8th Grade
  • Golf – Boys and Girls – 5th-8th Grade

The sports below are organized by Catalyst Catholic as deanery-wide teams.

  • Football – Boys – 3rd-8th Grade
  • Cheer (Football) – Girls – 3rd-8th Grade
  • Cross Country – Boys and Girls – 3rd-8th Grade
  • Tennis – Boys and Girls – 3rd-8th Grade
  • Wrestling – Boys – 1st-8th Grade
  • Softball – Girls – 5th-8th Grade
  • Soccer – Boys and Girls – 7th-8th Grade
  • Soccer – Boys and Girls
  • Basketball – Boys and Girls

Biddy sports are for Kindergarten through 2nd grade.

For more information about Athletics please send us an email at

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