Student Life

Holy Family Catholic School strives to educate students, body and mind, to become well-rounded individuals. To that end, we adhere to Catholic values, and have many areas of Student Life that are available:


Athletics is a division of the Youth Ministry of Holy Family Parish and Catalyst Catholic of the New Albany Deanery. We recognize the goodness of our youth and the presence of god in their lives. This ministry is available to the youth of our parish and Holy Family Catholic School.  We strive to provide…(CLICK FOR MORE)

National Junior Honor Society

Holy Family has been an active member of the National Junior Honor Society for many years. The NJHS was founded…(CLICK FOR MORE)

School Families

At the beginning of each year, the students are all divided into families. One or two eighth graders act as the family leaders. The rest of the family consists of…(CLICK FOR MORE)