Holy Family School is proud to be a Leader in Me School. Leader in Me is a whole-school improvement process based on the idea that everyone can be a leader. This evidence-based approach empowers students with the leadership and life skills they need to thrive in the 21st century. We focus on developing the whole child by:

🦅 teaching LEADERSHIP to every student,

🦅 creating a CULTURE of student empowerment,

🦅 and aligning systems to drive results in ACADEMICS.

There is a growing body of evidence that Leader in Me positively impacts academics. This should come as no surprise to those familiar with the research showing that effective social-emotional learning enhances academic achievement. When the social and emotional skills of students are developed, along with those of the staff, students tend to achieve higher academically. Moreover, Leader in Me specifically equips schools to focus and execute on academic growth targets through a goal achievement process called the 4 Disciplines of Execution, and by improving the instructional practices of teachers.

How is Leader in Me going to be implemented at Holy Family? Click through the rest of this page to find out!

The Eagle in Us

At the end of each school day, Holy Family students from preschool to 8th grade, pray the Family Prayer that begins, “God made us a family.” Through this prayer, our students, faculty, and staff are reminded daily of a precious God-given gift: our Holy Family school community. This extraordinary family extends beyond the classrooms and includes parents, grandparents, parishioners, alumni, and supporters. Each person plays a unique and vital role in this family.

The Eagle in Us” incorporates the new Leader in Me Program, while celebrating how everyone can be a leader in their own way and together we can make a difference in our communities!

Our Holy Family Eagles look out for one another, encourage, listen, work together, laugh together, and walk as one toward Christ. These are the values we instill in our students. We are more than just a building or a school – we are a family.

What do Leader in Me schools DO?

Instead of focusing on academic measures alone, Leader in Me is a holistic approach to education, redefining how schools measure success. This approach empowers educators with effective practices and tools to:
⭐️ teach LEADERSHIP to every student
⭐️ create a CULTURE of student empowerment
⭐️ and align systems to drive results in ACADEMICS

Leader in Me Framwork

CASEL SELect Program

We are proud to share that Leader in Me (LiM) is a CASEL SELect program. CASEL is the leading authority in the advancement of SEL in education. LiM empowers students with the social and emotional learning (SEL) leadership and life skills they need to thrive in the 21st century.

As a CASEL SELect program, LiM meets the following criteria:
⭐️ A well-designed program that provides schools with a systematic classroom-based model promoting the development of a student’s social and emotional competence across multiple years.
⭐️ Offers high-quality professional development and implementation support that ensure the school is equipped to effectively implement the program.
⭐️ One or more carefully conducted research evaluations of program impacts have been conducted and documents positive impacts on student behavior and/or academic performance.

7 Habits of Highly Effective People

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is one of the key frameworks of the Leader in Me process. In addition to helping students learn and apply leadership skills, the 7 Habits give us a common language in building a supportive emotional environment.

Samantha (the Grand Prize Winner of the 2016 Leader in Me Student Speech Contest) gives examples of how she applies the 7 Habits in her daily activities:

7 habits tree from https://www.leaderinme.org/the-7-habits-of-happy-kids/

Results of Implementing this Process at Holy Family School & Preschool

Kairos Teams
Every Kindergarten – 8th grade student is a part of an individual group called a Kairos team with an overall goal to give back to Holy Family School & Preschool or the nearby community.

Goal Tracking
Students are learning to set short and long-term goals for themselves while tracking their progress in their leadership binders.

Student Led Conferences
All of our students are active participants in their teacher conferences.