A Tradition of Excellence

Holy Family School has a proud and storied tradition of academic excellence, both during the Daisy Lane years and well beyond.  Our alumni have distinguished themselves at the highest levels during their high school, college, and professional years, and we are proud of the mark they have made on their schools and community.  To illustrate, at Our Lady of Providence High School, where an average of 75% of our graduates attend, 21 HFS grads have been named Valedictorian or Salutatorian of their graduating class in the past 24 years!  In addition, seven alums have been recognized as Finalist or Commended Scholar by the National Merit Scholars program for their outstanding performance through the Scholastic Aptitude Testing program.  See the complete list below, and congratulations to these Holy Family alums! 

Valedictorians and Salutatorians of their Senior Class at Providence

HFS Class

1994                Michael Burton, PHS Valedictorian, 1998      

1994                Scott Oster, PHS Salutatorian, 1998

1995                Christina Wuerth, PHS Valedictorian, 1999

1997                Jami Day, PHS Salutatorian, 2001

1999                Patrick Burton, PHS Co-Valedictorian, 2003

2001                Erica Frazier, PHS Co-Valedictorian, 2005

2002                Erin Brown, PHS Valedictorian, 2006

2004                Leah Ernstberger, PHS Valedictorian, 2008

2005                Chelsea Kobel, PHS Valedictorian, 2009

2005                Darin Habermel, PHS Salutatorian, 2009

2006                Maria Cochran, PHS Valedictorian, 2010

2007                Thomas Wiles, PHS Valedictorian, 2011

2007                Joseph Becht, PHS Salutatorian, 2011

2009                Reed Fansler, PHS Co-Valedictorian, 2013

2009                Kathleen Wiles, PHS Salutatorian, 2013

2012                Ryan Fansler, PHS Co-Valedictorian, 2016

2013                Tony Kaiser, PHS Valedictorian, 2017

2013                Nicholas Tomlin, PHS Salutatorian, 2017

2014                Heidi Popson, PHS Valedictorian, 2018

2014                Shawn Fitzpatrick, PHS Co-Salutatorian, 2018

2014                Emma Kerr, PHS Co-Salutatorian, 2018

National Merit Finalists and Commended Scholars        

2001                Erica Frazier – Commended, 2005

2012                Ryan Fansler – Commended, 2016

2013                Tony Kaiser – Commended, 2017

2013                Nicholas Tomlin – Commended, 2017

2014                Kaleb Dunn – Finalist, 2018

2014                Adam Garcia – Commended, 2018

2014                Jacob Staashelm – Finalist, St. Xavier HS, 2018

Note: We have access to the achievements of our alumni who graduate from our deanery Catholic high school, Our Lady of Providence, but we recognize that HFS alums perform at high levels at Louisville Catholic and local public high schools.  We are pleased to honor them if provided that information. Please email us to let us know how our HFS alums are doing!