Register for the Kindergarten Sneak Peek Today!

Looking for the best way to see what Kindergarten at Holy Family School & Preschool is all about?! Join us on Thursday, Nov. 17 at 6:30 p.m. for the Kindergarten Sneak Peek!

You will be able to interact with the Kindergarten teachers, have conversations with Holy Family leadership and current families, tour the Eagles’ Nest and much more!! We hope to see you there!!

Register for Kindergarten Sneak Peek here:

“Prior to finding Holy Family, I worked in the public school that my children attended. As my 1st-grade son’s class approached 30 students, I started to question if my presence within the brick-and-mortar building triumphed over that of a smaller private education. Our transition to Holy Family Catholic School has been the best decision for our family both academically and spiritually! The smaller class sizes enable the teachers to actually teach to the student’s strengths, instead of teaching for a better result on a standardized test. The teachers here are compassionate, uplifting, and simultaneously committed to their curriculum. I see Faith being taught as a way to live and interact with everyone! Our experience at Holy Family has absolutely enriched the minds of our four children, allowing them to flourish and become the kind of people this planet needs right now, and in the future!” – Kindergarten Parent Testimonial