The Eagle Factor SGO Fundraiser

graphic reading holy family school & preschool presents the eagle factor friday, october 21

Last year Mrs. Huber and Fr. Gries challenges each other in Eagle Fear Factor! They had so much fun taking on fearful challenges to raise money for the SGO Fund that they decided to do it again! Students can get involved by voting for challenges…stay tuned this week for more info on how to vote!

The SGO Funds enable Holy Family students the opportunity to receive a high-quality Catholic education they otherwise may not be able to afford. Donors receive a state tax credit equal to 50% of their donation. It is a great way to support our school and families. Donate through the Institute for Quality Education (IQE) to take advantage of a 50% Indiana state tax credit.

Tune into the Holy Family Facebook page on Friday, Oct. 21 to watch as Mrs. Huber and Fr. Gries take on the Eagle Factor LIVE.