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Dear Parents, What a busy, wonderful time! Trips - Last week the 8th graders had a terrific time in Washington DC, Williamsburg and Jamestown! I’ve heard only great things about our kids and team leaders – kudos to all! Thank goodness we picked last week; DC shut down many attractions today… Trips, part II - [...]

Dear Parents, As the changing winds bring in a cooler September, it is important to reflect on some of the dramatic changes that have and are occurring around us, in our world, our archdiocese and our school.  With our new Holy Father, Pope Francis I, and our new Archbishop Tobin, we are experiencing a new [...]

Dear parents, The 2012-2013 school year ended with much fanfare, including a beautiful pre-school graduation program, a Sportacular Field Day on the 24th, athletic awards and graduation on the 28th, two wonderfully entertaining talent shows, and our academic awards ceremony on the 29th. We are so grateful to Fr. Dan and the parish, to all [...]

Dear Parents, Last week we celebrated a festive, though abbreviated Catholic Schools Week. Sunday, Jan 27 - We launched Catholic Schools Week with our Open House and Pre-registration for new families! We had a great turnout of prospective pre-school, Kindergarten and transfer families. A good number of those families came from St. Mary’s Catholic Academy [...]

Dear Parents, Hello, to all! The local public school corporations and Catholic school principals have been in discussion for some time in their respective groups regarding a conversion to a balanced school calendar. The balanced calendar (formerly referred to as year-round) very simply means that kids go to school in 9-week on, 2-week off quarters. This does not [...]