Notes from the Principal – November 4, 2016

Greetings to all! Parents, as we enter the month of November, our thoughts, prayers and attention turn to significant national and international issues as well as our continued efforts here at Holy Family Parish and School. The national, state and local political elections remind us of our civic duty and the need for outstanding leadership in a troubled world. May God bless us with leaders of vision, wisdom, and compassion. At this time, we also pause to pay honor to those who have served and are currently serving our country and the world to provide safety, freedom and dignity for all. As we celebrate Veterans Day next Friday here at Holy Family, may we ask for God’s continued blessings on those who serve in the armed forces, the missions, relief efforts and other services that benefit humankind across the world.

This year the children and staff have been working with our “Fruits of the Spirit” theme! We continue to have fun with the song, but more importantly, we are striving to live up to the call to BE Fruits of the Spirit for others: Our Fruit of the Month for November is Peace. May all of us strive to be peacemakers in our classrooms, our homes and with all whom we have contact. Thanks for helping to support this effort at home!

Congrats, Kudos and Thank Yous:

  • To newly appointed Cardinal Archbishop Tobin! We are extremely fortunate to have our archbishop appointed by Pope Francis I as Cardinal! The Archdiocese will be having special celebration events to recognize Cardinal Tobin. Please continue to keep him in your prayers as he accepts the new duties that come with his appointment.
  • Congratulations to our HFS grads at Providence HS on their wonderful achievements in Fall athletics: Boys’ soccer state finalists in 1A, and to the Girls’ volleyball state finalist team, who will compete for their fourth consecutive state championship tomorrow at Ball State University! Best of luck to Coach Terri Purichia and all the team! Finally, congrats to two Holy Family grades who qualified for the Cross Country semi state. Way to go Eagle alums!
  • Congratulations to our Holy Family science-minded students for their achievements! 6th graders Gavin H, Casey K, Avery M, and Jeff W all represented HFS at the Deanery Science Fair yesterday, and Avery brought home second place honors. Katie O and Zoe R represented our 7th grade, and Katie received third place honors. Congratulations to all as well as Mrs. McCartin and Mrs. Green for their efforts to teach and prepare students for the event!
  • Congratulations to our First Quarter Honor Roll students!
  • Congratulations to Mrs. Huber who recently received an Office of Catholic Education Total Catholic Education (TCE) grant to continue her coursework in education administration!
  • Thank you to the Marketing Team and PTO for the wonderful events October – Harvest Homecoming Parade, Trunk or Treat, and Highlander Point Trick or Treating booth!

Announcements and Reminders:

  • Set your clocks back one hour Saturday night and enjoy the extra hour of sleep…
    Parking lot at morning drop-off – faculty lot behind the cafeteria is for staff and preschool only. All others should be using the main driveway drop-off points.
  • Parking lots at afternoon dismissal – parents, when joining up with your children, please do not allow them to run, particularly around the large maple tree, throw balls, or leave your side.
  • Basketball teams – remember, if your child has practice after school, he/she must wait in aftercare until the coach signs him/her out. Students may not wait in the gym until the coach arrives. If parents are bringing students back from off campus, parents need to wait until the child’s coach is on site and supervising the team before leaving the campus.
  • Please continue to use for school communications and information regarding your child’s progress.
  • If you did not complete an RSVP for our Liturgy and Veterans recognition program next week, you are still invited! Mass begins at 8am with program and refreshments afterward.

Help Needed!

  • Substitute Teachers – We have been blessed to have a few excellent substitute teachers help us when teachers are sick, have sick family or are taking professional development leave. At the same time, we really need some more to call in a pinch. If you are interested in becoming a substitute teacher, please contact the school for more information.
  • Volunteers – Parents, Past parents, grandparents and parishioners especially – we can use your help in the cafeteria, library, classrooms and for special events. Please contact the school if you’d like to become more involved in volunteering!
  • Commission and Committee Members – The Holy Family School Commission and its sub-committees perform an important leadership function for our school. We are moving into an important phase in our school history with regard to strategic planning, National Catholic Standards and Benchmarks, and new marketing initiatives. Past parents, grandparents and parishioners are also most welcome. Contact me (Mr. E) for more information.

Help spread the Good News of Holy Family! Below is an excerpt of an email Father and I received this week:

Greetings Fr Dan and Principal Ernstberger:

A few weeks ago I attended my first Friday morning Mass at Holy Family in over 20 years. The last time I attended I was in 4th grade as a student at Holy Family School.
 I wanted to share with you that it was such a blessing for me to attend this mass. Now a “30-something” who has recently returned to the Church, I was overwhelmed with what I witnessed.
The students were all wonderful. The student altar servers, lectors, and cantors were beyond impressive. I received so much energy and enjoyment from witnessing them purposefully participating in every part of the Mass. It was also so nice to hear the church so full of song and praise with all of the students so actively engaged.
I can’t help but feel that every parishioner at Holy Family would get the same enjoyment and fulfillment from attending a Friday morning mass during the school year. I’ve never felt better about the future of Holy Family and the Catholic Church after attending that Mass.  

Keep up the great work… I’m so proud of our parish and school.


Parents, thank you for sharing your children with us and for your continued support of this wonderful place called Holy Family!
Peace to all, Jerry Ernstberger