Mr. E Letter about Jupiter and Grades – October 20, 2015

HF-2014-IMPORTANTThis letter was sent home to all families on Wednesday, October 20, 2015, in the monthly clear envelopes. It explains the JupiterGrades breach and password reset, instigated by the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, plus some other items from Mr. Ernstberger.

Dear parents,

October greetings! It’s been exciting seeing everyone back from the Fall Break holiday with many great stories, some extra tans, and an eagerness to move forward into the second quarter of the school year.  Today marks the “official” recording of the first quarter grades.  We will not be printing report cards until the end of the school year, but first quarter scores are valid at this point as reflected in the JupiterGrades* system.  We hope you are pleased with your child’s success and development over the past nine weeks.  Please share any concerns with your teachers and Mrs. Kirkham, our Learning Coordinator.

Posted email note from October 14th:
*Last week, the Jupiter Servers were compromised by a hacker and some username and password information was taken. While information was taken, the hackers did not gain access to enough information in order to access anyone’s account. An email was sent to all customers with options for resetting all teacher, parent and student passwords. (As a result, all Jupiter passwords for the Archdiocesan schools were re-set.)

You should follow the password reset link that you received from Jupiter. If parent emails are missing or incorrect in our system – these parents may need additional information to again access the system. Please call the school office Monday or Tuesday of next week at (812) 944-6090.

The links that are sent via email will still work the same as before. For the most part, parents actually log into Jupiter through emails and actually do not even use their username and password. This method of accessing Jupiter will continue to function.

This week, all Eagle families should be re-setting your passwords according to the instruction provided above.  Please note: you will have to reset for each student in your family.

How do we use JupiterGrades to communicate with you as an administration?

    • We send out an Enews (normally) every Monday (using MailChimp to send, JupiterGrades for email addresses), and 1-3 text messages each week.
  • This system will also be used to email and text emergencies and school closings/delays in weather-related incidents. If you are not registered with JupiterGrades, you will have to watch for us on local television stations and check our website and social media pages.  Note: we will be conducting tests of the emergency messaging system the week of November 2-6.
  • We will no longer be using voicemail notifications for school closings.

A few other items of note:

  • October is Bullying Prevention month and students and staff are committed to ensuring a quality environment where all treat each other with respect and Christian love. Special activities will continue as we make all areas “bully-free” zones.  
  • Next week is also Red Ribbon Week, a week set aside to promote healthy and drug-free lifestyle.  Students and teachers will explore healthy and positive choices.

Red Ribbon Week Theme Days and Dress code variations include:

  • Monday- Sock it to Drugs- Silly Socks with your uniform
  • Tuesday- Put a Cap on Drugs- Hat Day with uniform starts after Mass
  • Wednesday- Tie Down drugs- Wear a tie with your uniform
  • Thursday- Team Up against Drugs- Non-uniform day- Wear jersey for your favorite sports team or HFS Spirit Wear
  • Friday- Don’t Fall for Drugs- Non-uniform day- Wear Fall colors
  • Holiday nut sales are in full swing! All orders are due Oct 27th.  Additional order forms are available in the school and parish offices.  Help support this HSA fund-raiser!
  • In your Wednesday Envelope is a flyer for the In Heaven’s Eyes Clothing drive coordinated by HFS graduate Andrew Vince and his family.  The dates have been moved earlier this year to allow for distribution to the needy earlier in the cold weather season.  Please help support this effort!

On behalf of the teachers and staff, thank you for sharing with us the wonderful ministry of Catholic faith formation and academic preparation for our children!


Jerry Ernstberger