October 2015 from the Principal

ernstberger_jerry_STADear Parents,

As we bring the first quarter of 2015-16 to a close and prepare for a well-deserved Fall Break, it’s amazing to note the many achievements and efforts of the first nine weeks of school, highlighted by last week’s 8th grade DC trip which included the visit by Pope Francis!  I think it can all be summed up in our Family Prayer (card) that I shared with you in the Wednesday envelope.  

     God made us a family
We need one another
     We love one another
We forgive one another
     We work together
We play together
     We worship together
Together we use God’s word
     Together we grow in Christ
Together we love all men and women
     Together we serve our God
Together we hope for Heaven
     These are our hopes and ideals
Help us to attain them,
     O God, through Jesus Christ our Lord.


I encourage all families to recite this prayer together daily and to discuss how we demonstrate our togetherness – at home, through our worship, in the classrooms, and through our co-curricular endeavors.   It is only through prayer and togetherness that we will fulfill our mission as parents and Catholic school teachers and staff to develop in our children Inquiring Minds, Caring Hearts, and Lives Devoted to Christ.

Thanks to all for a wonderful beginning of the year, and may your Fall Break be filled with rest, relaxation and togetherness as family!  

A look ahead to second quarter:

  • Launching of our new HFS website
  • November 19th accreditation site visit
  • Second Grade First Reconciliation
  • Auction activities, including Christmas raffle
  • Veterans Day and Christmas Concert celebrations
  • Season of Advent
  • And much more…  

Peace to all,  

Mr. E